Ballistic Goggle / Spectacle Premium Type

PHA series of ballistic goggle meets MCEPS standard. We also tested with velocity  600 ft/sec, any color can customize. PHA ballistic goggle no any rainbow and reflective situation than others supplier. And do some demist coating on rear side. The type meets Asia people face. PHA provide the highly ability than others supplier offered. According to the different of face type, PHA goggle provide the next Asian people skin for this reason it comforted to wear. It also meets MIL-43511 C
testing. For the safety purpose, we adapt the more higher velocity 600 ft/sec to replace with the 550 ft/sec with standard request in all products.

In lens part, there is very popular to use PC made. Beside, we can find the most of uncomfortable problems was coming from the double reflective and rainbow situation on surface. It also cause the user is not easy to aim the target. PHA goggles provide the non-rainbow design, and make the demist coating on rear side to solves what happens on people wear this for long time. Whatever the comfortable or safety levels, PHA goggles can protect any small metal chip impact on blast or accident of shoot in short distance on war game.
Some of knock-off product is easy to cracks and damages, some of  eye protection product without the shooting test. You can find the double reflective and glare situation on the cheap jack goggles, it would like to cause the eye fatigue and created astigmatism and myopia increased risk when you choose a eyewear for a long time.


ballistic goggle

USD 130 / pcs
Hard Coating, Demist Coating, No Rainbow situation, No Double Reflective, Polarized
Frame, Noise, RX, case, 3 lens ( Clear, Black x2 )
Sea, Ocean, Snow field, Desert
ANZI Z87.1, MIL-43511 C, MCEPS, EN-166

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