Ballistic Vest

PHA CORP stands as a top-class global enterprise based on the outstanding technology and services it provides in various business areas, such as fibers, chemicals, industrial materials, power industries, constructions, trading and information technology. We developed the liquid material for bulletproof protection market. It can saving the weight on the vest and shield market between the carbon, kevlar and dyneema made.

In 2015, we plan to replace all the product structure we sale. We truely glad to heard others manufacturcer cooperate with us and promote on military market together.

Tactical Vest - Basic Type / Professional Type

Tactical - Basic Type | Pro Type ( Dyneema made or Kevlar made as available )

The vest is made as a module concept allowing the user to choose the area of covering depending on threats and mission.

Tactical vest basic tactical basic vest

PHA basic tactical vest model provides 360 degree protection for the upper torso, shoulders, and neck with optional groin protection, and is compatible with all load carrying systems available.

Tac pro vest Tac vest pro

Tac PRO is made for those who don't require the Quick Release (QR) system, but still maintains all the strong attributes which festure in our line of tactical vests.

Stab and Spike Protection

PHA has developed new stand alone vest with very high impact protection in combination with stab and/or spike protetion -the MULTI concept.

These solutions are used worldwide by security forces, prison authorities and others who don't face regular hand weapon threats. For those who reqire a vest that can also be used with a ballistic combination this is the solution.

The most popular standards are the NIJ-0115 and the HOSDB from 2007. NIJ uses two different tests knifes and HOSDB only on knife, there are also small differents on th Spike tool.

anit blade


Ballistic Plate (it meets NIJ-IIIA+, NIJ-III+ and NIJ-IV standard)


PHA has different ballistic plates available that are tested in combination with our soft ballistic solutions.

Side plates are available for the same threat levels. The standard sizes for side plates are 15x20cm, the standard size for front/rear plates are 25x30cm, other sizes on request.

All plates are high quality plates tested and certified in European laboratories.

HPWhite certifiedNIJ-standard

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