Ballistic Shield

PHA CORP stands as a top-class global enterprise based on the outstanding technology and services it provides in various business areas, such as fibers, chemicals, industrial materials, power industries, constructions, trading and information technology. We developed the liquid material for bulletproof protection market. It can saving the weight on the vest and shield market between the carbon, kevlar and dyneema made.

In 2015, we plan to replace all the product structure we sale. We truely glad to heard others manufacturcer cooperate with us and promote on military market together.

Ballistic Shield - Full / Half body Protection

Ballistic Shield - Entry Type ( Dyneema made )

armored shield
The Perfect shield for police and military forces operating in urban environments, house surge missions, anti terrosist and swat operation.
The special design is result from close co-operation with top elite units who have evaluated the need for area of coverings against tactical movements.
The shield is easy to carry with one hand and still operate the weapon, does not take much space.

armored shield

It cover Cordura and provide Water-proof protection

Ballistic Shield - Speed Type ( Dyneema made )

ballistic shield
Speed Shield is based from the Entry Shield
concept and can be supplied from NIJ level
IIIA up to level III+. The shield is easy to carry
and the small size makes it easy to transport
in any patrol cars.

ballistic shield

It cover Cordura and provide Water-proof protection

HPWhite certifiedNIJ-standard

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