B.A.B.S (Ballistic Absorption Barrier Systems)

BABS utilize recycled scrap tires to create blast absorption barriers for use in perimeter and check point security, embassy fortification, pipeline protection, and major even security. BABS have been tested at the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground and demonstrated at the US Marine base in Quantico, VA. BABS were exhibited at the Counter Terror Expo 2010/2011 in London.

BABSĀ® (Ballistic Absorption Barrier System)

  • For use to mitigate blast pressures during blast events and to protect from shrapnel and flying debris as a result of the blast event
  • For use where ballistic protection is needed
  • Assembled in wall formations and handled as building blocks utilizing hooks located in the top of the blocks
  • Manufactured with natural and synthetic recycled rubber utilizing the absorption, insulating and all inherent properties of rubber-Green Product
  • Base product dimensions are 5ft x 6ft x 3ft tall weighing 3,800lbs
  • Perimeter security for Embassies and any vulnerable sites
  • Other uses include erosion and flood control, major event security

Blast testing completed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (December 2009)

babs Ballistic Absorption Barrier Systems

B.A.B.S HOUSTON DoD Testing - 50lbs C4

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