It's glad to introduce PHA Corporation

▒▒ Overview of PHA ▒▒

PHA is build up on 2012 and setting up Taiwan company on 2014. we are the ballistic production leader in Asia Pacific area. We design and laminate bulletproof glass with new technology. We provides Total Solution-one stop shopping for military program and sell the material will be possible. We have high technology in designing  bulletproof package and  integrating new material in our production. All of the PHA series appoint  specific material source in our lamination. It can provide added value and to customer  as well as higher performance in any customized program.
In 2014, PHA decide to sell the ballistic materials, it can help more our agent to solves the costs down problem. It also can help more people in security what they care about.
In 2015, PHA provides the protective gel to replace all the body defense product whom use the dyneema, kevlar or PE/Carbon fiber made. And the polarized ballistic goggle will sale available.

▒▒ The Global Team of Reasearch and Develop ▒▒

PHA can process many materials for military used. We have the global research center in USA lab. Even the OEM factories was follow the processing we appointed, including Casting、Heating、Coating、Lamination、Bonding、Pressing、Bending、Injection and so on. We applied those technology in different product we have. Such like the armored glass, ballistic goggle. PHA research team also provide the the proective gel with ballistic vest who the military or business people request the higher security production on their requirement.

▒▒ Our Factory ▒▒

Over 20 years of experience in bulletproof glass lamination
Area : 4,634 m2
Complete processing line with cutting,  polishing, tempered oven, bending oven, vacuum laminated oven
Monthly output: 500,000 tons
Max Size  Done  : 2,000*3,000mm
Max Bending(Curving) Depth : 450mm